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German Educare was founded by a group of Malaysians  who had studied and lived in Germany for several years – and loved every minute of it. While Germany isn’t usually the first country that comes to mind when students are considering studying overseas, we quickly learnt that people aren’t generally aware that it is a more affordable option compared to other countries, and costs about the same as studying in a local campus of a foreign university in Malaysia.

We have always been advocates of studying in Germany, but we also knew that the process isn’t as easy and straightforward as it seemed – so when our friends and extended family members asked for our help with their applications, we jumped at the opportunity. That’s when we realised that we also wanted to help other Malaysian students experience what we had the opportunity to enjoy – seamlessly.

Why Us

At German Educare, our job doesn’t end once you’ve secured a place in a German university. We also want to make sure that you’ve assimilated well into your new life by taking you through city tours and even connecting you to our network of students there. You may even reach out to us when you need to – we are ready to assist you to the best of our abilities.

We’re here to make sure that you get to embark on your next chapter in life worry-free. Schedule an appointment with our student advisors to discover the courses and universities that would best match your interests and goals.

What we do for you

We perform extensive checks on your qualifications to ensure you meet all the requirements to study in Germany.

Our language programme is designed to maximise your learning potential in Germany. Students are able to master the German language and pass their TestDaF or DSH examinations in just 1 year!

Once you’ve passed your German language examinations, we will take you through the different courses and universities available based on your interests and goals.

We also assist students with accommodation arrangements in Germany during the duration of the language course.

We’ll take care of your needs from the moment you arrive in Germany – from coordinating airport pickups, making appointments with banks, to even taking you on a tour around town.

Assimilating into a new culture can be daunting, and we understand that completely. Learn the differences between your culture and the German culture, and how you can best adapt to your new life in Germany.

We want you and your parents to have a peace of mind throughout your time in Germany. The German Educare team is ready to support you even after you’ve arrived there.

Check out our programmes

A Level German Pathway

Learn German in parallel to studying A level, followed by a 9-month preparation program. It’s more intensive and suitable for students who want to start learning German earlier and enjoy the challenge.

University Preparation Programme

Complete your pre-university before you start your intensive German classes. This 15-month preparation program is suitable for students who want to focus on one task at a time.

Founding Team

Founding team


An engineering graduate from Germany, Gyvinne still spends most of her time in Germany.


Studied and lived in Germany for 5 years. Holds a traditional engineering degree called Diploma-Ingenieur (FH).


Coming soon


Studied and lived in Germany for 5 years. Adopted the German way of working – straight-forward and no-nonsense.

Academic Team

Academic team


Coming soon

Lee Mei

Holds a Bachelor’s Degree, Language and Linguistics of German Language with Education from the University of Malaya.

Participated in a student exchange programme to Germany right after her SPM exam and that experience has challenged her perspective of things around her.

Proud fur mom of 2 rescued doggos.


Coming soon


Coming soon


Holds a Bachelor’s Degree, Language and Linguistics of German Language from the University of Malaya.

Originally a Science student but decided to challenge herself with a foreign language. Constantly trying out new hobbies.


Started learning German when she migrated to Germany with her husband. After immersing herself in the German language and culture for several years, she decided to be a language teacher.

Loves animals and enjoys travelling.


Coming soon


Coming soon


Crystal is friendly and motivated and enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities.

She’s into hiking, paintball, and softball.


Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in German language from UPM. Hani is sporting, fun, easy-going but loves the adrenaline rush.

Operations Team






Yoke May






Loves to talk to people and share their life stories. Enjoys organizing events and designing as they bring out the creativity in her.




Niru has a tough personality but is very nice towards her friends. Loves travelling and has been to most Disneylands.



Branch Manager




HR and Finance

Life motto is work hard and play harder.

Likes to stay active and enjoys swimming, cycling, yoga and climbing, travelling, meeting people and a big believer in trying new things.

Jo Ee

Jo Ee

Programme Coordinator

A linguaphile who likes to make friends with people from all over.

Appreciate art and music and enjoys miniature art and assembling furniture.




A former athlete who is still quite active, Puva enjoys sports, travels and adventures.

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