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Open position(s) at German Educare.

We are looking for a program coordinator to assist with managing and coordinating our programs:


Do click on the links to get an overview of the programs.

Here’re some of the tasks for each program.



In general, you’ll be assisting students with necessary arrangements to live and study in Germany. Here are some examples:

  • Enrol students for placement tests, classes and final exam at a language school
  • Advise and assist students with university and course selection
  • Plan and conduct lifestyle and intercultural workshops to help students settle down in Germany
  • Check rental contracts
  • Make appointments with insurance companies and banks
  • Assist students with internship and job search



In general, you will assist students to prepare for their interview with German companies, and reach out and onboard other German companies so that we have more options and opportunities for our students. Some examples of tasks are:

  • Help students with the CV and prepare them for interviews
  • Reach out to companies with the aim to onboard them as our program partners
  • Arrange interviews between partner companies and students
  • Coordinate arrangements between companies and students
  • Arrange for students’ arrival in Germany
  • Follow up with students during their apprenticeship



Qualified nurses in Malaysia can explore working opportunities in Germany. Similar to the DVT, you will assist nurses to prepare for their interviews with German healthcare institutions as well as reach out and work with more healthcare institutions. You will be working on:

  • Help nurses with the CV and prepare them for interviews
  • Reach out to healthcare institutions with the aim to onboard them as our program partners
  • Arrange interviews between partner healthcare institutions and nurses
  • Coordinate arrangements between healthcare institutions and nurses
  • Arrange for nurses’ arrival in Germany
  • Follow up with nurses especially when they are still undergoing their adaptation program


As you will be dealing with partners, companies and healthcare institutions in Germany, you should be:

  • Able to work flexibly so that you can attend discussions and meetings during German working hours
  • Able to multitask and handle a multitude of different responsibilities at one time
  • Good in time management and prioritization skills
  • Fluent in German

Are you a people’s person and truly want to help others? We are on a mission to raise the awareness of studying in Germany and we are looking for a study advisor to join the team.

The job

  • Manage and work closely with educational organisations and recruitment agencies.
  • Plan, conduct and manage student recruitment events including education fairs.
  • Manage inbound contacts via calls, live chats, emails and social media in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.
  • Provide consultation to students and parents.
  • Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experiences across multiple channels and customer touch points.
  • Maintain CRM to engage with different groups of people.
  • Assist with administrative work (arranging student accommodation, pre-internship, visa and university applications)
  • Work closely with the marketing team to develop brand awareness and promotional materials.



  • Possess a growth mindset and is self-driven.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.
  • Able to multitask and handle a multitude of different responsibilities at one time.
  • Good time management and prioritization skills.
  • Comfortable communicating with recruitment agencies, school teachers, students and parents on a regular basis.
  • Willing to travel for school events, education fairs and other student recruitment activities.
  • Willing to work on weekends.


Company culture

  • Exploration and growth – Above training and guidance, you will have the opportunity to try something new, to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, to build your confidence and become your best self.

As a marketing executive, you will be assisting the team with various marketing and branding activities. Some examples are:

  • Plan and create content for social media.
  • Manage social media channels to engage the online community and increase traction on each platforms.
  • Plan and write articles. Experience in managing a WordPress site will be a plus point.
  • Plan, research and design infographics.
  • Plan, create and manage marketing campaigns.
  • Design presentations.

We are looking for someone who is creative, motivated and have an eye for detail. In addition, you appreciate open communication and proactively provides updates to the team.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Conduct German language classes according to the CEFR syllabus.
  • Able to teach both offline (face-to-face) and online.
  • Record German lessons for online learning.
  • Plan lessons.

Fresh grads with at least B1 level of German are encouraged to apply. You will have to undergo a teacher training program before you are assigned your own class, and you will also need to further your German to the higher level.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Participate in the development of brand identity by way of creative executions
  • Work closely with the marketing team to create and develop global campaigns, inclusive of concept, layout, design and other visual elements
  • Contribute to team management of social media channels, to ensure that marketing campaigns and efforts transform across all digital channels
  • Engage in web design and development, taking into account the UI/UX considerations
  • Engage in the design and development of a learning management system (LMS), taking into account UI/UX considerations
  • Produce short clips, GIFs and videos
  • Manage and assist in the direction of any visual projects
  • Manage weekly visual updates across website and landing pages
  • Design presentations, flyers, buntings and any creative work

You will be a good fit if you have a keen eye for design, are familiar with design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD, and are able to produce high quality designs within tight deadlines.

Looking for anyone who loves to create videos on social media.

In this role, you can flex your creativity and help come up with ideas for new content that will help us get attention, build the German Educare brand, and connect with our community better.

Job Description

  • Be crazily fun! Unleash all your creative ideas and put them into video actions.
  • Handling end-to-end content creation process, from conceptualising to producing the videos.
  • Plan, shoot and edit short and long video content for various channels.
  • Support the marketing team.


  • Understands and speaks internet lingos.
  • Up to date with current trends on social media and are able to leverage them for content.
  • Proficient in editing videos.
  • Comfortable to be part of the video.

We are also recruiting qualified nurses from Malaysia on behalf of German healthcare institutions.

Location: Berlin, Germany
Salary: EUR2,500- EUR2,800

Job Description

All nursing positions are open, and nurses will be matched with healthcare and caregiving institutions in Germany.


  • Candidates must have obtained at least a Diploma in Nursing and registered with the Malaysia Nursing Board.
  • Passed Goethe’s German level B2 exam. Candidates without German knowledge can enrol to German Educare’s Nursing Preparation Program.
  • Candidates must be 30 or below.
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

Relevant and interested candidates can apply with the following documents:

  • Diploma/Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Proof of registration with Malaysia Nursing Board
  • CV


With the ageing population and rising demand for international nurses in Germany, our partner hospitals in Germany are looking for qualified nurses from Malaysia to fill in their vacancies. Nurses who meet all the requirements will be matched with an employer and nurses without the required German knowledge can first enrol in our Nursing Preparation Program. Our Nursing Preparation Program is an all-in-one package designed for interested candidates to ensure a seamless transition from Malaysia to working in Germany. Our services include German language classes, talent-hospital pairing and arrangement for interview, visa application, cultural preparation, and local support in Germany. We also provide financial assistance for the Nursing Preparation Program. Check with us to find out more.

Keen to join us? Drop us an email at

Can’t find what you are looking for, but still want to join our team? Email us all the same and share why and how you will be a strong addition to the team.