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Dear students of Kuen Cheng High School,


Have you decided on what and where to further your studies?

If you want to study overseas, why not consider studying your Bachelor’s degree in Germany?

There are many universities offering tuition-free courses.

Germany is also especially popular for sciences, engineering and computer related  courses.




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There are three possible further study options:


You can click on the links to learn more about the above programs. The pages will open as new tabs.

In Germany, students are split between studying at a university (or university of applied sciences), and getting on-the-job training via the Dual Vocational Training (DVT).

The Dual Vocational Training is a 2 to 3.5 years training program where students will spend 75% of their time at a company, and 25% of their time studying at a vocational school. Upon completing this program, you will receive a recognition from the German chamber of commerce and this qualification is recognised in the whole of Germany and even in the EU! During the DVT, students will receive an allowance from their company and most students will stay on to work after completing their training.

德国的教育分为两种- 即就读大学(综合性大学或应用科技大学)或是双元制职业教育的在职培训。


The following links will be useful for you to learn more about studying and living in Germany.


Why choose Germany? 为什么选择德国留学?

What’s the cost of living in Germany? 德国留学的生活费如何?

Frequently Asked Questions 常见问题

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