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Guide to navigate the anabin information portal

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Last updated: May 2023

Check that your university is recognised in Germany

Step 1

Go to the anabin‘s homepage

Anabin's homepage

Step 2

Select Institutionen (Institutions) from the left menu.

Select "Institutionen" from the left menu

Step 3

Select Suchen (search), and then click on “Länderauswahl öffnen” (select countries).

Select Malaysia

Step 4

The next step is to look for Malaysia from the list. Click on M and you will find the shortlist for countries starting with M. Select Malaysia and then confirm your selection by clicking on “Länderauswahl bestätigen“.

Choose Malaysia from the list

Step 5

Look for the university you graduated from in the given list.

You can get an idea if your qualification is recognised by looking at Status. If it’s H +, then your qualification is very likely to be recognised. If it’s H +/-, then you will need to send in your application for review. The German university you apply to might, or might not offer you a place.

If the institution of higher education you graduated from has the status H -, then your qualification is not recognised by German universities.

Look for the university you graduated from in this list