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2023 Guide to study the master's degree in Germany for Malaysian students

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Last updated: May 2023

University requirements

Step 1: Have a Bachelor's degree in a related subject

To apply for a master’s course in Germany, you will need to have a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject.

Step 2: Check that your undergraduate qualification is recognised in Germany

Your degree should be comparable to a Bachelor’s degree from a German university.

You can click on the button below to check from the official information portal called “anabin”. This portal is managed by the Central Office for Foreign Education.

Unsure how to use the anabin information portal? We have prepared a guide to help you navigate.

There are 168 institutions of higher education listed in the anabin information platform. Most public universities from Malaysia has the H + status (likely to be equivalent or recognised by German universities) while most private universities have the H +/- status (only some courses from these institutions are recognised in Germany).

For all cases, it’s important to know that you will only know if your qualification is recognised after you send in your application to the German universities.

Step 3: Find a university which you would like to apply to

Explore the database of courses and universities and look for a university you would like to apply to. To help with your search, we suggest you use the ‘Search term’ field and input in courses which are relevant to your Bachelor’s degree (that’s a requirement). After the results are displayed, you can then filter using the ‘Degree’ option and check on ‘Master’. Below is an example of how the page will look like. We have keyed in ‘mechanical engineering’ in the ‘Search term’ field and selected the ‘Master’ filter option.

Step 4: Check the language requirement

Courses in Germany are offered in German or English. If it’s offered in English, you will need to show proficiency by attesting your IELTS or TOEFL result. If the course is offered in German, then you will need to sit for one of the recognised German language proficiency exams such as TestDaF or DSH.

To check the language requirement, click on ‘More’ from the above example. You will see that Master’s degree courses are offered in English or in German. Some courses will require you to show proof of proficiency for both languages.

If you are aiming for a course which is offered in German, then our University Preparation Programme will help prepare you.

Step 5: Check for additional requirement

Some universities have additional course-specific requirements. Do check the university’s website for more information.

For example, students who wants to study architecture will likely be required to submit their portfolio together with their application.

University Application

Application Deadlines

There are two intakes to German universities; the summer and winter intakes.

For the summer intake, the application deadline is typically on the 15th of January.

For the winter intake, the application deadline is typically on the 15th of July.

For many master’s degree courses, the deadlines are much earlier than those stated above.

You will need to check for the application deadline and submit your application as early as 8 weeks before the deadline.

Who do you submit your application to?

Depending on the university, you will either need to submit your application directly to the university or to uni-assist.

Uni-assist is an association appointed by about 170 German universities to assist them with qualifying international students.

Visa Application

Students will first need an offer letter from the university before they can apply for a student visa.

You will also need to proof that you can cover your living expenses while you are studying in Germany. This article shares more about the cost of living in Germany.

We recommend that you open a blocked account to as your financial proof. You can open a blocked account by transferring €11208 to a German bank account.

In Malaysia, you want to make an appointment to apply for your student visa as early as possible as it can take up to three months to get it approved.

Prefer more support with help you study in Germany?

German Educare’s M-UPP is a university preparation programme crafted to help students study their master’s degree at a German university.