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Free Qualification Check

This form is only for students who are planning to study their Bachelor’s degree in Germany. As long as you have studied in Malaysia, we will be familiar with the requirements.

There are many types of pre-university qualifications offered in Malaysia, and not all of them are recognised. If you have one of the following qualifications, we are unable to accept you into our preparation programmes to study in Germany.

If you did one of the following pre-university programmes, good news is that they are recognised by German universities.

However, there are other requirements. For example, the course you can apply to depends on the subjects you took. Therefore, it’s important that you fill up the form below so that we can do a proper check for you.

Secondary school leavers

If you have only completed your secondary school, do stay put. You will be redirected to another page which suggests what your next step will be.

Interested to study the Master's degree?

In most cases, we are unable to accurately check if your Bachelor’s degree is recognised in Germany. However, do read our guide to study your Master’s degree in Germany or learn about our University Preparation Programme for Master’s degree in Germany.