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Chuan Liang

Mechanical Engineering, FH Aachen

I’m grateful to have met the German Educare team in my journey towards studying in Germany. Their assistance has made it so much more enjoyable – from German classes to visa preparations, they are there every step of the way in preparing you for your new life in Germany.

Ming Cheng

With the absurdly high cost of living and tuition fees, studying overseas was clearly out of the question for me. Deep down, I always knew that I wanted to break out of my comfort zone, challenge myself and study abroad. I searched high and low for an affordable education abroad and was constantly disappointed until I found out that Germany offers tuition-free education even to Malaysian students.

The team behind German Educare has been of great help since day one. My teacher from my German class level A1 to B1 is experienced in her field and ever ready to help. The German Educare team has provided me with invaluable information and advice on my pathway to studying in Germany. Their guidance has been immensely helpful especially with my visa application, opening my blocked account and settling down in Germany. All in all, I am thankful to German Educare for bringing me a step closer to achieving my life dream of studying abroad.



I spent a year in Cologne, Germany as an exchange student with AFS in 2011. It was such a life-changing experience that it altered my perception of love, justice, equality, and the world. I decided to return for my Masters education.

After completing my Bachelors degree in Malaysia, I had no idea, how and where to continue my German language classes. I am very grateful to German Educare for providing personalised consultation, guidance and support, technically and spiritually to make it possible for me to complete my German language course. This opened the door for me to study here in Germany.

Once again, thanks to German Educare, I am now in Heidelberg in the process of completing my final levels of German language and then I will be able to apply for my dream Master degree. See you in Germany!


Chay Jing Wei

Mechatronics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
I am thankful for German Educare as my journey to study in Germany was made much smoother thanks to their help, advice and guidance; such as guidance on the procedure to apply for a visa, what must be done upon arrival in Germany and even recommended places for an internship, thus allowing me to have more time to focus on my studies. To anyone who’s looking to pursue an education in Germany, I would definitely recommend German Educare.

Hui Ping

I must say, registering myself with German Educare has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Being able to discover German Educare in time and selecting them instead of the other German-language centres has been such a blessing! My life became so much easier once I decided to enrol in their Study in Germany program – including attending their partner language school in Aachen. German Educare even arranged for my accommodation there. I didn’t have to worry about questions such as “Am I understanding the information from the websites correctly?” or “Are these all the things which I will need for my visa application?”.

Of course, it didn’t mean that I did not have to do my own research, but having the support from German Educare simply made things easier as I am guided about the things that I should prepare. In addition, I always had someone to turn to when I had questions or concerns. They were really helpful and patient in answering my doubts and in explaining things to me.

Being in their program makes me feel like being under their family’s care. As long as one follows their guidelines, keep up with the suggested timeframe and of course, attend the German classes regularly, studying in Germany is certainly within his or her reach.



Germany was not an option that I knew was possible until I met German Educare. After understanding how the German education system works, I decided to go to Germany as I saw the potential of being able to work there after my studies, unlike many other countries.

Some people might choose not to study German as they think it is a waste of time. I see learning German as an investment – a key to more opportunities in career or in life. If you really want to immerse yourself in German culture, you should know the language, otherwise, the barrier between you and the German community will always be there.

I feel really thankful that German Educare provided me with comprehensive services to kick-start my journey as I had no prior knowledge about studying in Germany before that. Thank you again, German Educare. Because of you, I am now a step closer to my dream of working in Germany.


Yin Fong

Biotechnology, FH Aachen

I was very lucky that German Educare helped me along this journey. They helped my friends and I with many things, including giving advice about how to choose the right university, learning German, and even helping me to search for accommodation. I also got to connect with other Malaysian students within the German Educare network.



I could have never foreseen myself following the path I am taking right now as Germany did not come into my mind as a country I would further my studies in. After extensive research, I could not pass up the opportunity of studying in Germany, an opportunity no one else should dismiss. Advanced technology (Industry 4.0), a low living cost, a wide range of job opportunities and learning a language spoken by around 100 million people worldwide are among the many reasons as to why Germany is an ideal country for me to study in. Thanks to German Educare and their constant advice, the whole process of studying in Germany has been made easier and smoother.



Do you have a dream to study in Germany? Yes, I have, and I’m grateful for my family’s support and of course the assistance and service I got from German Educare to help me along with my journey from Malaysia to Germany, which is a land of ideas, a powerhouse of research, economic and innovation.

At first, I had no idea where to start my language course, but as luck would have it, I found German Educare on Facebook. I was on cloud nine when I found them because they provided German Intensive course which I have been searching for. So I took A1-B1 class in German Educare and it was awesome! The teachers are responsible and patient, it makes learning German easier with them.

German Educare also guided me step by step on how to get into Germany and also what I should do upon my arrival in Germany. In a nutshell, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your assistance, German Educare. Thank you for your help along this adventure and therefore I could have a chance to study here in Germany. Hence I would like to speak to anyone out there who is still hesitating about their next move, start your first step with German Educare!



Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, HS Bieberach

To those who are interested in studying in Germany, I would 100% recommend you to check out German Educare! They guide students through the entire process such as visa application, setting up a blocked account as well as taking care of the accommodation in Germany. Not to forget, the German Language class arranged by German Educare would definitely help you build a strong foundation in the language. The teacher is very experienced in delivering the lessons and she really prepares you well for the entrance test in Germany.

Although German Educare takes care of almost everything for us, it is also very important to make your own effort to look up pre-internship and university options. Many people say that learning German is a very difficult task, but once you get the hang of it, it will be a fun experience. Don’t be shy to take every chance to speak in class! It definitely helps to build up your confidence in the language!



I was lucky when I came across German Educare. German Educare not only provides German lessons, they also guide you through the whole procedure of going to Germany, from the visa application to getting your blocked account done. Besides that, they’ll also guide you with your University application! I had my German lessons with German Educare for 5 months in Malaysia and I then continued learning German at their partner school, Spraachen Akademie, in Aachen. It was super convenient as I did not need to look for or ‘hunt’ for a language school anymore. Other than that, the accommodation was also provided!

German Educare also took care of the little details when we reached Germany, like getting us a SIM card, guiding and helping us with the transportation and many more. They really made me feel comfortable and at home when I first landed in Germany.

Wanting to study in Germany was a dream, but dreams don’t work unless you do. I was glad that I made my first move. Learning the language and going through the whole process was never easy. Although German Educare guided me in every aspect, I still had to put in effort as well. It was good as they did not want to spoon feed us. This way we could actually learn how to be independent and have a taste of hard work and satisfaction when everything is completed and done.

I was really satisfied with their service as they really made sure their students go through the best, not only in Malaysia but also in Germany. I would really recommend them to anyone who is interested as they taught me a lot along the whole process.