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Germany was not an option that I knew was possible until I met German Educare. After understanding how the German education system works, I decided to go to Germany as I saw the potential of being able to work there after my studies, unlike many other countries.

Some people might choose not to study German as they think it is a waste of time. I see learning German as an investment – a key to more opportunities in career or in life. If you really want to immerse yourself in German culture, you should know the language, otherwise, the barrier between you and the German community will always be there.

I feel really thankful that German Educare provided me with comprehensive services to kick-start my journey as I had no prior knowledge about studying in Germany before that. Thank you again, German Educare. Because of you, I am now a step closer to my dream of working in Germany.

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I was lucky when I came across German Educare. German Educare not only provides German lessons, they also guide you through the whole procedure of going to Germany, from the visa application to getting your blocked account done. Besides that, they’ll also guide you with your University application! I had my German lessons with German Educare for 5 months in Malaysia and I then continued learning German at their partner school, Spraachen Akademie, in Aachen. It was super convenient as I did not need to look for or ‘hunt’ for a language school anymore. Other than that, the accommodation was also provided!

German Educare also took care of the little details when we reached Germany, like getting us a SIM card, guiding and helping us with the transportation and many more. They really made me feel comfortable and at home when I first landed in Germany.

Wanting to study in Germany was a dream, but dreams don’t work unless you do. I was glad that I made my first move. Learning the language and going through the whole process was never easy. Although German Educare guided me in every aspect, I still had to put in effort as well. It was good as they did not want to spoon feed us. This way we could actually learn how to be independent and have a taste of hard work and satisfaction when everything is completed and done.

I was really satisfied with their service as they really made sure their students go through the best, not only in Malaysia but also in Germany. I would really recommend them to anyone who is interested as they taught me a lot along the whole process.

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