Work as a nurse in Germany

Want to work as a nurse in Germany? Learn German and get on-the-job training in Germany. Suitable for Diploma and Degree holders.


Why should you be a nurse in Germany?

Good work-life balance

Nurses in Germany enjoy a good work-life balance and it’s not uncommon for nurses to be able to decide on how many hours he or she want to dedicate to their job.

Better salary

Qualified nurses in Germany earn from €2500 to €2800 monthly.

International experience

Germany has a very high standard of healthcare and nurses will benefit if they are trained in Germany.

Fair treatment

Nurses from other countries are paid the same as German nurses.

Pathway to work as a nurse in Germany

Nursing in Germany pathway

Diploma, Bachelor's or Master's degree
Complete a recognised nursing qualification at the Diploma, Bachelor's or Master's degree level. Graduates will need to be registered with the Malaysia Nursing Board.
10 months
German A1 to B2
Learn German from level A1 up to B2 which is the intermediate level. You will be able to read, write and converse in German.
10 months
Intercultural training
Visa application
Pre-departure preparation
3 - 6 months
Adaptation period
The professional skills of nurses will be assessed during the adaptation period. At the end of the adaptation period, their qualification will be recognised in Germany.
3 - 6 months
3 years
Attachment with hospital
3 years


What are the requirements to join the nursing preparation program?

  • Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in nursing
  • Registered with the Malaysia Nursing Board
  • Proficient at German level B2

Preparation Program

Nursing Preparation Program

The nursing preparation program is a 10 months preparation program and it covers the following:

  • 10 months German classes, learn German A1 to B2
  • 20 hours of classes weekly
  • External German language exams
  • Visa application guidance
  • Pre-departure preparation
  • Intercultural workshop
  • Local support in Germany

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