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    By ticking this box, I am agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as below ;

    1. I agree to let German Educare use my personal information which is submitted in this application form solely for its own purpose and not intended to be shared with any third parties not relating to the admission process to their program, partners and universities in Germany.
    2. I acknowledge that the information given in this form is correct. I will not hold German Educare responsible in the event that there is inaccuracy of information submitted during the online application.
    3. I allow German Educare to have access to my results from the relevant examination board for academic, administrative, publicity and statistical purposes.
    4. I grant permission and consent to German Educare to use photos taken of me for publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, social media and web content. I understand that there will be no payment or royalties for the images used.

    What's next?

    German Educare will start to process your document as soon as you start your German language class. Please make sure you have the following documents:

    1. CV (template will be given)
    2. A copy of your IC or passport
    3. Marriage cert (if applicable)
    4. Nursing school certificate (Diploma/Degree)
    5. Nursing Academic records (Subjects and hours)
    6. Nursing posting or clinical records (Department, Procedure and number of hours)
    7. Letter of Attorney (so that we can act on your behalf in Germany)


    The CV will have to include the following:

    1. Photo
    2. Personal Data
      • Name
      • House address
      • Telephone number
      • Email address
      • DOB
      • Marital status
      • Nationality
    3. Working Experience
      • Year
      • Name of Hospital
      • Position
      • Job scope
    4. University/Degree/Diploma/any further studies
      • Year
      • Name of the location, country
      • Name of the course
    5. Clinical/Practical experience
      • Year
      • Name of hospital/institute
      • Country
      • Department
    6. Education Background
      • Year
      • Name of school
      • Location
      • Country
      • Name of study
    7. Language Proficiency
      • Language
      • Level of proficiency
    8. Other additional specialised skills: i.e Basic Life Support License (BLS), etc.
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