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What I like most about studying and living in Germany

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Last updated: Feb 2023

Trisha studying and living in Germany

TL;DR: Living away from home in a foreign country can be daunting at first. Trisha shared about her experience when she first arrived in Germany, moved to her university, and how she adapted to the culture, community, and lifestyle.

Before leaving for Germany, I had many doubts. How would I live alone without my parents? How do I settle my finances? Is it going to be hard making friends that speak another language? These thoughts filled my head as I travelled across the globe, because we all have to leave our nests one day.

Arriving in Germany and starting the language course helped me adapt to my surroundings, as my friends that travelled with me from Malaysia were there as well. We experienced many things together and created many unforgettable memories. We supported and relied on one another through tough times, in the end developing everlasting friendships. When it was time to move cities and begin my studies, it was bittersweet.

I was finally going to attend a german university, but at the same time my friends were also having their own journeys. We bade our reluctant farewells and parted ways.

The first week or so in my new city was difficult. Everything was so foreign and I was completely lost on what to do. Eventually I found my footing with much help from my housemates and classmates. Living away from my Malaysian friends has helped me learn to rely on myself at certain times. It has developed my independence and strength. Speaking constantly in German with housemates and attending lectures in German has been a great help in understanding the phrases and in-trend words they use.

I would say that there are many things I like about living in Germany. I love that I’m able to travel to different cities at affordable prices and visit my friends from time to time. I like that I learned how to manage my finances, by checking what I buy and paying my bills on time. I feel like I have learned life skills that I couldn’t have if I wasn’t living alone.