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Dual Vocational Training (DVT)

The Dual Vocational Training (DVT) programme is an apprenticeship programme that allows students to decide the type of jobs they are interested in beforehand so that they can get on-the-job training with an organisation from the start.

It is a popular pathway among German students, and is suitable for those who prefer learning-by-doing. Students will also receive an allowance during their training period.

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A rewarding career in Nursing

With Germany’s ageing population, the demand for medical care professionals, particularly nurses, is growing. This is why many hospitals, nursing homes, and other care providers are turning to recruit overseas talents to help fill this gap.

We’re making it easier for Malaysian Diploma and Degree nursing graduates to work in Germany. This typically begins with taking an adaptation course to ensure that your professional skills meet German requirements; after which, you will be issued a license to practise nursing in Germany.

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