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Want to work in Germany?

It can be intimidating if it’s your first time applying for an internship or for a job, be it part-time or full-time. Let us guide you so that you can leave a good first impression to your potential supervisor or employer and increase your chance of getting an offer.

work in Germany

What you'll learn

We recorded 100 minutes of videos broken down into bite-sized actionable steps which you can follow. The tips are based on the application process for German companies and if you follow the tips, you could increase your chances of job offers in Germany. It may be different compared to what’s practised in other countries.

Topics covered

Write a CV

Learn what should be included and excluded from your CV and how you should list your information so that it’s easier for your potential employer to find relevant information.

Write a motivation letter

Learn about the format of a motivation letter as well as how to craft one which will get the attention of the hiring manager.

Write an email application

Learn what you’ll need to pay attention to when writing an email, such as phrases you can use and the email etiquette to accept and reject a job offer.

Prepare for an interview

How should you prepare yourself for an interview? What’s an appropriate dress code? What can you prepare to avoid awkward moments with your interviewer(s) – how to greet, make small talks and what topics to avoid. Learn some frequently asked questions in a German interview so that you have more time to prepare your answer and sound confident during your interview.

There’re many resources online which makes it confusing. Which is the right template to use? With the videos and templates shared by German Educare, students can be confident that they’re using a relevant and suitable one for their internship or job applications.

– Jonathan

Ready to get started?

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We frequently receive requests from German and Malaysian companies seeking potential candidates for their job vacancies. By sharing your CV with us, we may be able to connect you to some exciting job opportunities that align with your qualification and experience.