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Why Germany?

promising job prospects

Promising job opportunities

If you are qualified and fluent in German, getting a decent job in Germany is pretty promising. After all, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and has a below-average unemployment rate compared to other EU countries.

achieve work life balance

Achieve work-life balance

Spending time with your loved ones after work or taking on a road trip over the weekend is highly possible (and encouraged) when you’re working in Germany- one of the top 10 countries in the world with good work-life balance.

high living standards

High living standards, affordable living cost

Can you imagine leaving work on time, meeting up with friends for a round of badminton after work and having a drink after that? What about traveling to nearby cities or countries just for the weekend? If you work in Germany, you will be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle

excellent social security

Excellent social security

As a taxpayer, you’ll benefit from a whole lot of social benefits such as health insurance, unemployment insurance, retirement insurance, accident insurance, and more! If you have children, you do not need to worry about sending them to a private university as there are sufficient opportunities at public ones. In fact, many of the public universities are highly ranked!


Relaxing lifestyle in the heart of Europe

While Germans are focused on their work during office hours, they have a relaxing and slower-paced lifestyle outside of work. Some popular pastimes include hiking or nordic walking. In fact, there are many words in German just to describe walking!

travel around europe

Travel around Europe

Take advantage of low-cost airlines or affordable bus or train rides to travel around Europe. Germany is also surrounded by 9 countries and if your university is located close enough to the border, you can even make a weekend trip to another country.

Dual Vocational Training (DVT)

Are you a hands-on learner? Do you learn better with practical training over lectures and assignments?

Get trained to be a technical or nursing professional by learning on-the-job through our Dual Vocational Training (DVT). And the best part? You get paid during your training too!

Find out more about our DVT Preparation Program.

A rewarding career in nursing

Are you a registered nurse? Are you looking for a rewarding career that comes with international exposure and work-life balance?

Your opportunity is here! Germany is looking for qualified, passionate nurses like you to fill in their talent shortage for medical professionals in hospitals and nursing homes. Learn German and interview with German hospitals to secure your job in Germany.

Learn more about our Nursing Preparation Program.

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