Work in Germany

Study and work in Germany.

Work in Germany

Work as a nurse in Germany

There is a huge demand for healthcare workers in Germany due to its aging population. Hospitals, nursing homes and other care providers are unable to recruit enough nursing staffs to meet their requirements and they are starting to look overseas for qualified nurses.

For nurses to practise in Germany, they will need to take an adaptation course to make sure that their professional skills meet the German requirements. After qualifying, they will be issued the license to practise nursing in Germany.

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Study and work in Germany

Dual Vocational Training (DVT)

The Dual Vocational Training program is a popular pathway for German students to enter the workforce. Instead of studying at a university, they will decide earlier the kind of jobs they are interested at, and will begin on-the-job training with a company.

This program is suitable for students who prefer to learn-by-doing, and they will receive an allowance from the start of their training.

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