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5 Reasons MBA Might be Just What You Need to Spark Your Career​​

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Last updated: March 2023

TL;DR: MBA programme provides great opportunities for you to network and connect with a diverse group of people. Many MBA students switch career direction or even start their own business upon completion of their master’s degree. Check out EU Business School that offers MBA in 4 campuses across Europe.

Are you at the bottleneck of your career? 

Or are you at a crossroad thinking about a change in career?

Maybe you have been wanting to start your own business but you are not sure where to start.

Or are you a fresh grad who wants to pursue further to equip yourself before entering into the workforce?

Whether you are a business graduate or not, MBA (Master of Business Administration) might just be what you need to up your game in this competitive industry.

Unsure about this commonly heard master’s degree? Here’s what an MBA can do for you.

Networking opportunities is the biggest benefit for studying MBA at EU Business School

Networking opportunities

Networking. Connection. Like it or not, likeminded and driven people are an important ingredient to your success recipe. An MBA programme provides great opportunities for you to network and connect with a diverse group of people, from your ambitious and passionate classmates, your experienced and insightful professors, to inspiring keynote speakers who are business leaders from various industries. These are all valuable networking opportunities that may find you your future employers or business partners.

Catalyst to your career progression

If you feel like you’ve hit the glass ceiling in your career progression, then MBA may be the catalyst you need. In some companies, a higher qualification is needed for you to progress up into managerial positions. Moreover, MBA provides you with more than just a piece of certificate. The program offers many real-life industry-relevant case studies to build up your management, leadership, and risk-management skills that will prepare you with what you need at the management level. Not to forget that many companies will value your MBA qualification and remunerate you with a higher salary!

EU Career fair offers great opportunities for your career progression.
EU Business School invites keynote speakers to share on various career opportunities.

Or a change in career altogether?

It is found that many MBA students aim to switch/end up switching their career direction upon completion of their master’s degree. This is simply because MBA opens many lucrative opportunities into industries and jobs that would otherwise not be available to them based on their previous qualification and skill set. This decision may also be influenced by the diverse industry experts you meet during your studies. Remember our first point above? You may discover new interest and opportunities when you network with other brilliant people out there whose experiences and passion offer you a new perspective towards your career.

Be Your Own Boss

Want to be an entrepreneur? You don’t need an MBA to be one. But having the proper education, professional guidance, and network (again, I stress the importance of networking) will make your entrepreneurship journey a less challenging one. In the MBA programme, you will be taught on business management and planning, financial planning, risk management, and other knowledge or advises you need to manage your own company. With the combined creativity and skills of each student from different background and expertise, you may meet people whom you can start your own business with and be the next big brand that offers creative solutions to the society.

MBA opens up windows of opportunities for you to be an entrepreneur.
EU Business School MBA students graduating proudly.

Personal development

Who says MBA is only for those who are racing up the corporate ladder? The best motivation you can have throughout your postgraduate studies is your own development. Don’t be surprised if you meet people from all ages signing up for the same MBA course because your career lifespan is restricted by your age, but your personal growth isn’t. Education is for everyone who has the heart to learn and improve. This intrinsic motivation is far greater than any pay raise or promotion you are aiming for.

I’m sold! Where can I study my MBA?

Now that you are convinced of taking an MBA, the next question would be, where to study? The university where you undergo your MBA qualification is important as it determines the quality of your education and the exposure you get. Choosing a university that attracts international talent across the globe can widen your perspective and expose you to diversity. Other considerations include the location of the campus, class size, the reputation of the university, just to name a few, which should be taken into account when doing your research.

Check out EU Business School. With 4 campuses located in Europe, namely Barcelona, Munich, Geneva, and Montreux, as well as online mode, you can choose where you want to study or even study cross-campus while you travel. EU Business School’s online MBA is ranked number 1 in CEO’s Magazine’s Online Global Rankings and ranked 4 stars for excellence in business education by QS Stars. With its multicultural student population from over 100 countries, this is the perfect place to learn a new culture and build a few valuable connections. EU Business School is definitely a go-to option if you are looking for a world-class business education that will give you that competitive edge among the hundreds of thousands of business graduates. Take your first step now!