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Visiting the doctor in Germany

Visiting the doctor in Germany

Getting the flu during winter or coming down with a fever is inevitable. We may dread visiting the doctor in Germany as it may cost a lot of money but as students, it’s compulsory to have health insurance. So do not be afraid of visiting the doctor if it’s necessary.

It’s compulsory for international students to have a medical insurance. It will cost about €110 to €140 monthly.

You can buy insurance from companies such as Allianz SE, Deutsche Krankenversicherung (DKV) and Technische Krankenkasse (TK). When planning a visit with the doctor, take note to make an appointment before showing up at the clinic. At the front desk, you will be asked to show your insurance card and then proceed to a waiting room. Basic consultations with the doctor are insured, which means you do not have to pay. Unlike the hospitals or clinics in Malaysia, medication is not provided in-house. Instead, you will be given a prescription, which you will have to bring to a nearby pharmacy (Apotheke) to obtain your medicine. Some medications are subsidised, which means you only have to pay part of the original price.

Remember to make an appointment before visiting the doctor in Germany.

Pharmacies can be easily recognised by the symbol of a red ‘A’, like the one displayed in the picture above.

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